Mittwoch, 17. Juli 2013

More bang for the buck...

Again the people at Magic Lantern outdid themselves with a very interesting hack this time. The were able to increase the dynamic range of the 5D Mark III up to 14stops. This itself is pretty impressive. Paired with the big full-frame sensor of the 5D, this should deliver some outstanding image results.

People over at PetaPixel have already taken a peek into what you can do with still photography. The noise in the shades are significantly less and soon we are going to have some impressive HDRI style shooting with one snap.

Although you need RAW frames to do this effect, it limits right now what you can do with a 5D MIII for video. But, it is a first step to some truly impressive performance.

How is this all useful in the real world ? Most likely not so much. Its a nice technical show case, but in reality, shooting short seconds-long clips so i can get the RAW images for video doesnt help me much. Also the fact that that you only have half resolution, based on the the way they implemented that hack, might not be appealing to many stills photographers.

But for me its all signs of things to come...

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