Freitag, 5. Juli 2013

Canon 70D, the future

The new Canon 70D is announced and Canon already showed around its new focusing system.

I have to admit, judging on the videos this new system which is more related to traditional cam-corder focusing implementations, is really fast. Nothing compared to the slow, sluggish things we have seen in the last years on HD DSLR's when using the backscreen.

Interesting is that it took Canon quite a while to "implement" this technology. Im no engineer, but i have the feeling that the technology, which is around for such a long time, would have been already possible with the last generation of DSLR's. But then you would not be able to sell more in the future i guess...

Canon claims that the 70D was developed with the video professional in mind and not sure if it will be worth it to wait for the 7D Mark II ( which will have most likely most of the traits from the 70D ), but the swivel screen, the fast autofocus system and a worked over UI could be a real unique selling point for someone who wants to upgrade. I would definitely love to get my hand on one of these to see how they perform in REAL life situations.


So, here is the complete spec for the camera. What struck me first is the lack of an Audio-Headphone jack. Seriously !? A camera with improved AF detection system, a new sensor, a swivel screen and then no audio output via a standard jack connector to monitor the recorded sound ? That sounds to me like a deliberate attempt to "scale" down the camera to make it really of very limited practical use nowadays. After the 5D Mark III I thought we are past the "mixer box" to hear actually what my mic picks up...I hope they "reserve" this feature to the 7D Mark II ( if they cut the swivel screen out of this one, i will have to say that Canon is just trying really hard not to cannabilize their C series camera line ) by limiting their DSLR's of practical elements.

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