Samstag, 6. April 2013

My decision not to use a separate sound recorder

Some people ask me on occasions why i dont use a separate sound recorder like a Zoom or similar to record more quality sound.

There was a time i contemplated to get one. Especially during the days, when the 7D etc. didn't have manual sound control. The advantage are definitely a nicer recording on a device that is designed for doing just that. You get level control, you get several different connectors and for safety reasons you always have a copy of the sound track on a device apart from the camera. With sophisticated audio match tools like Plural Eyes its also fairly easy to fit the sound to the video.

But, i just couldn't get myself to invest the money, to get more or less a bulky extra piece of equipment that i have to carry around and that is going to give me additional work in the post production, something you want to dodge like the plague when being in a stressful breaking news situation.

And that is actually also the reason why i decided not to get one. I just find it slightly too much work for my taste. If i would shoot feature movies or long term documentaries i could agree to use it, but with the current field of work, its not necessary in my eyes. But in breaking news i try to evade any extra minutes of work, im already stressed enough. It also makes my rig a little bit too bulky to do proper run and gun.

The mic manufacturer Rode is also bringing out a new microphone, which will have a separate recording possibility while recording sound with the highest quality possible... here.

Rode  Videomic HD

Still a little bit on the bulky side, but it will negate the need of separate recorder and is in general better integrated solution.

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