Dienstag, 30. April 2013

Is the 5D Mark III capable of 4k ?

Not quite...but close !

The guys over at EOSHD and Magic Lantern were chasing the possibility that the 5D Mark III might be actually able to export a much higher resolution footage then you could think based on the actual results being provided by the camera.

Apparently inside the camera there is a full blown 2k data stream from the chip that gets mangled by the internal image processing pipeline. The results with moire and at times too soft quality, EOSHD speculates, are a direct results of a slightly botched attempt to go rather for "fast math" then image quality.

If this is true, the 5D Mark III could move up quite a notch from its current position in the market hierarchy. But i doubt Canon really wants to push the 5D further then their market place decision.

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