Donnerstag, 18. April 2013

Al Jazeera: Mobile clinics, shot on 5D Mark III

Here is another piece I produced together with Malcolm Webb for Al Jazeera English from Uganda some weeks ago:

It was shot with a pretty minimal setup. After i lost some HDMI cables during a scuffle at the Kenyan elections, i couldn't get a substitute in time ( you shouldn't believe how difficult it is to get a proper HDMI cable to connect the EVF with the cam in East Africa ) so i had to shoot without my EVF.
Sound was either taken with the Rode SVM as shotgun or via a Sennheiser radio mic for the piece to camera. Lens was pretty much all the time the 24-105 f4 L, except during the piece to camera in the sidecar of the bike, where we needed more wide angle to get the whole scene.

I wished i would have had a mattbox with some filters to compensate for the fast changing light conditions on this day, which ended up that one or two shots we needed in the end getting "burned" ( very good to see in the hospital with the baby lying on the stretcher or outside when the mother and baby are driven off after pick up ).

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