Freitag, 29. März 2013

Tooltip: Damaged files and how to fix it

I was on assignment in the eastern part of Uganda, shooting a couple of healthcare stories for the international news network Al Jazeera English.

After interviewing a patient at a rural health clinic who's sons life was saved by mobile motorbike ambulances who can access the otherwise inaccessible terrain, we did a quick interview with her.
Unfortunately towards the end of the interview my battery was running low and my camera shut down.

I switched the batteries and kept on recording. On my return i realized that the file of the interview was one big DAT file and a smaller mov file. The mov files didn't contain any footage so i figured that all the data must be in the DAT file, which is part of the finale video-file but was not properly "closed" by the system, resulting in a split between the two components.

We could not go back to redo the interview. But somehow i was convinced that the content could be salvaged.

After doing some quick research i came across the HD file repair tool from . I read up on the capabilities on some user boards and it looked very promising. But although many praised the image recovery, some stated that the sound would end up in some static white noise when used on 5D Mark III video files.

I downloaded the test version and started a test-recovery. As expected the video was fine. But ...the sound was a mess.
So i contacted them and asked if there is anything special i could do, to possible improve it. Their customer care came right back at me. Suggesting some settings which i tried out immediately. But the problem remained. I contacted them again and this time they suggested to sent them a "healthy" file and they would see what they can do. Less then 24 hours later, i was sent a new download link and this time it worked also with 5D Mark III files properly. Very impressive.

The tool has its price, but its not insane and for professional use, its definitely a very helpful piece of software. There were times that this files would be just lost and you had to do without it. If it was only rushes, you are lucky, if its an interview you can't do again, you are in deep trouble.

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